traditional and Modern medicine merged:

Dr Norris has been a practicing physician for nearly 30 years.  Trained at the Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School.  He stayed on as faculty for more than 10 years.  He rose to Associate Medical Director for Ambulatory Care at the University Hospital, Newark NJ where he coordinated the practices of faculty and students alike.  He founded the hospital's Primary Care Group and lead many faculty performance improvement activities at the institution.    

His interest in the Florida Keys developed in his teenage year visiting his grandfather, who was a resident of Islamorada in the middle of the Keys.   Leaving academia in 2004 after the passing of his mentor, he moved to the Keys.  Realizing the childhood dream of being a simple, island physician.  Treating his friends and neighbors has been his honor.  Dealing with conditions both simple and complex.  He has not looked back.  

Whether his comments open a lead story in the New York Times or demonstrate the struggle of patients to understand their own illnesses on the NBC Nightly News, Dr Norris' search for science tempered with his own brand of compassion continue to be  the foundation of reports like the News and Perspectives piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association in April 2017.  

Today, concern for his patients has led to an investigation into Antibiotic Dependent Insects.  An area nobody would ever expect to be of interest until in 2016 these insects were to be released on his patient's homes.  In reviewing these genetically engineered creatures he discovered the risk of spreading antibiotic resistant bacteria from mere contact.  The scope of his investigation has again drawn public attention.  Click below to find out more:

                                   Click here for  an Explanation of Antibiotic Dependent Insect concern